Instructions Unicorn dimensional

 Default instructions for assorted designs in similar theme - hooded towels dimensional designs 

 Embroidering in two hoops steps

  1. Prepare horn and ears
  2. Stitch the face and attach horn and ears


Prepare horn and ears

Load the file to prepare  horn and ears Design has following color steps


  1. Horn and ears outline
  2. Horn decoration 
  3. Horn decoration color 2
  4. Ears decoration 
  5. Final stitch outlines  


Hoop tear away stabilizer with one piece of fabric, up to medium weight cotton fabric and stitch COLORS 1, 2, 3 and 4  

 Stop machine, but do not unhoop your project and lay second fabric piece right inside the shape, right sides facing 

 Stitch ears and horn outlines, last COLOR 5 

 When the design has finished, unhoop  your project. Gently tear away the excess stabilizer.  Cut out the shapes  

Trim and clip your seam allowances so they’re not so bulky – I trim and clip the curved edges so they will lie flat when pressed. Be careful do not cut the seam!

Turn right side, requires some turn in skills.

Unicorn complete head on towel 

Load second file with unicorn head 

 Color steps are:

  1. Unicorn head and ears and horn position seams
  2. Unicorn head and ears and horn details tack down seams
  3. Rose 1 applique position seam
  4. Rose 1 applique fabric  tack down seam
  5. Rose 2 applique position seam
  6. Rose 2 applique fabric  tack down seam
  7. Rose 3 applique position seam
  8. Rose 3 applique fabric  tack down seam
  9. Unicorn face an outline
  10. Unicorn nose
  11. Leaves
  12. Rose 1 applique satin stitch
  13. Rose 2 applique satin stitch
  14. Rose 3 applique satin stitch
  15. Decoration curls
  16. Decoration blue dots
  17. Unicorn eyes

Hoop tear away stabilizer Stitch the unicorn outline, lay the towel right inside the shape. It is helpful to use the tape or pins to make sure it stay nice and flat while stitching.  

 GO back to COLOR 1 and sew the unicorn outline and ears and horn positions once againCOLOR 1 and COLOR 2  

 Now is time to use ready ears and horn. Lay the right inside the shape  

 Yes, it is most complicated step, just lay them step by step and fix with a tape, i am impatient and laid them all at once and taped.  

It is helpful to use the tape to make sure details stay nice and flat while stitching 

Lay the unicorn face fabric right inside the shape and make the outline COLOR 2


Continue embroidering as usual applique design. Trim the unicorn face fabric then continue with roses 1, 2 and 3 COLORS 3 - 8 

  1. Make an outline -  applique placement, 
  2. Stop machine, do not unhoop, float the applique fabric right inside the shape. It is helpful to use the tape to make sure the fabric stays nice and flat while stitching.  Outline will be next,  applique fabric tack down seam. 
  3. Stop machine, do not unhoop, cut out the shapes of applique fabric.

 Attach the hoop back on the machine and continue with the design. Complete with the design: The nice satin stitch unicorn face outline will be next - COLOR 9Complete the rest of the design: roses applique satin stitches, unicorn eyes and other.. COLORS 10 - 17