I am doing unique and awesome embroidery designs and I strive to have the highest quality!

Thank you for peeking behind the scene... Here is the Artapli story

I am Anna from Miami Playa,

ARTAPLI branding name become from two words - ART + APPLICATION
I am experienced embroidery digitizer almost 10 years.

Forgot to mention i have grade in sewing industry, finished my university with cum laude.

In my every work day I use:
Embroidery machines:
PR Brother 6 needle
Husqvarna - 1 needle
Baby lock - 1 needle
Another Brother - 1 needle

Also 3 PCs with different embroidery softwares listed below:
Bernina Artista
PE design NEXT
Another PE design 10
Few free software to make sure that I can recommend them to my customers

To complete my designs i use also PhotoShop. To work an idea I use Corel Draw.

In my database i have already 2600 designs and i have 1000000 ideas for more. Check back often to see new designs.

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I am on facebook as anna.artapli 
https://www.facebook.com/anna.artapli thanks for visiting!

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