You need: 


1. Hoop the tear away stabilizer only. 

2. Embroider the outline directly onto the stabilizer.

3. Stop machine, take out the hoop but do not unhoop. Lay towel on the shape, so the edge of towel is 1/3 inch is above the shape.

It is helpful to use the pins to make sure the towel stays nice and flat while stitching.

4. Lay on the water soluble film stabilizer, you may use the tape to fix it on a place.

5. Continue embroidery with the knockdown (background) stitch

… and the flamingos. Stop the machine before the last embroidery step.

6. Take the hoop from machine, but do not unhoop your project yet. 

7. Cut out the shape. Be careful not to cut the bottom stabilizer.

8. Complete the last stitch, it’s a satin stitch.

9. Unhoop your project. Gently remove the water soluble film stabilizer

… and gently remove the tear away stabilizer on the back side.

10. Wash the towel and enjoy!

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